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Cyberpunk 3776Cyberpunk 3776
"This is my last Battle."
Pilot, Cyberpunk 3776
"Amazeballs! I love this game. I can't wait to see what Peter Hann has up his sleeve for the finished version."
I_Phudg, Desura
"...the game's ever-shifting obstacles, gorgeous sound design, and shamelessly cynical tone makes it a fun distraction for anyone wanting to go out in a blaze of glory."
"I saw the other side and there was nothing. Nothing to be afraid of, nothing to look forward to."
Pilot, Cyberpunk 3776
"Woah, this is incredibly impressive! The art, the voice acting, and especially the music... It's all fantastic!"
JamesPotku, Gamejolt
"...the developer has made some interesting choices that really makes the game shine. Nothing is given to you and everything has to be earned."
Schematist, Desura
"Pretty neat Old School Shot em Up you got there! I really like the Visuals and the Classic and less Overloaded Up-Great-system! Got my Vote!"
!3eleidiger, Steam
"This was an amazing experience, and probably a contender for the best cyberpunk game I have played. Bravo 5/5"
Royal Games Productions, Gamejolt
"Tried out the webdemo and I had a blast. (It really did remind me of my teenage days of playing Defender at the arcade wOw) Lots and lots of fun."
"Been there, done this."
Pilot, Cyberpunk 3776

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